We have a vision that everyone in Malaysia is driven to work with integrity in the business world, adhered by the code of professionalism and ethics.

We are passionate about cultivating business integrity. An organization should adopt an effective infrastructure with the essence of integrity engrain into the system in order to promote good corporate governance. It is our mission to offer our expertise to any business organization(s) in establishing an integrity system with the aim to eradicate bribery, corruption, breach of trust (CBT), malpractice, fraud, irregularity, and other unhealthy practises

Malaysian Integrity Academy

MIA is a corporate training and human capital management consulting services provider.

We specialize in business integrity, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, anti-fraud and anti-malpractices. Our trainers and consultants are handpicked from the best field within their areas of expertise.

Being a professional training provider, we have registered with the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (“PSMB”) and therefore we are governed by the PSMB’s professional code of integrity in operation. Our training programs are fully subsidized by the Human Resources Development Fund (“HRDF”) under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia.

We believe integrity empowers business

Good corporate governance driving for
good environmental performance and corporate performance

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Our expertise in integrity training and consulting

lead to your effective management in Whistleblower Mechanism