We offer training and consulting services designed to help your business entity to enhance the corporate governance and compliance performance by a comprehensive set of codes at works.

This is including the legal framework, corporate culture, policies and procedures to effectively implement the codes. We assist your organization in achieving its ethics and compliance objectives towards the fundamental goals of integrity and transparency.

Our consulting services as the following:

  • Corporate Integrity Training, Workshop, Seminar, Conference
  • Corporate Integrity Framework and Infrastructure
  • Corporate Whistleblowing Policy and Management
  • Corruption Risk Management (CRM) and Risk Analysis
  • Corporate Integrity Pledge
  • Corporate Integrity, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption Policy and Awareness Campaign
  • Corporate Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, No Gift Policy and Consulting
  • ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System, Training and Consulting
  • Integrity Pact for Contracting, Tendering and Procurement
  • Employee Integrity Service – Background Screening and Investigation
  • Investigate Due Diligence and 3rd Party Vendor/Supplier/Contractor Screening Services