We protect your intangible yet valuable business reputation

A well-defined whistleblowing mechanism allows you to monitor your business through the ears and eyes of all the members of your company from the highest ranking personnel to that of the non executives or even your shareholders, suppliers, vendors and customers. We help to protect your intangible yet valuable business reputation, apart from your company assets, board of directors, management and the shareholders.

A successful whistleblowing channel should ensure that the privacy, confidentiality and security of employee or the whistleblower that his/her anonymity will be protected while providing misconduct information or/and other violations of your business policy or code of ethics. This encourages the whistleblower to report matters without fear of intimidation from all parties involved. This again will encourage an early detection of any form of improper conducts by all levels of management before it is too late. This enables your company to maintain an ethical workplace and address regulatory violations, fraud, abuse, misuse and other inappropriate behaviour.

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A whistleblower is gently reminded to act in good faith, have reasonable grounds and in the best interest of the organization when filing a report. If allegations are made with malicious intent, appropriate action can be taken against the parties concerned in accordance with the applicable laws.

In enhancing the good governance practice, both the Witness Protection Act 2009 and the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 have stipulated the rights of a person in exposing the wrongdoings committed by another person. It is very crucial for companies to put in place correctly an integrity infrastructure including a well-defined Whistleblower Policy and mechanism to encourage exposure of wrongdoings without fear among its employees/vendors; and most importantly the right integrity infrastructure will ensure whistleblowers strictly follows the do’s and don’ts under Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 to be given rights, adequate protection, remedies when confronted with detrimental action, the risk of being terminated, denied promotion or other forms discrimination.

We help you by understanding and reviewing your existing organization codes, policies and procedures, in order to recommend the most robust Whistleblowing Mechanism to fit into your organization environment.